Royale Remixed Theme

Royale Remixed Theme 1.47

Attractive Royale theme based on Noir and Zune


  • Very attractive design
  • Changes many elements in the system


  • Installation can be difficult

Very good

Royale Remixed Theme will not only change your desktop wallpaper and windows appearance, but it will also replace your system icons, mouse cursors and system sounds with new files. In fact, the Royale Remixed Theme makes Windows look like a completely new - and very attractive - system.

Some time ago Microsoft launched Royale Theme for Windows XP, a slick, elegant blue theme that many adopted immediately. A new Royale theme appeared after that, this time in a very elegant black. However, this dark Royale was not finished and you could clearly tell it needed some polishing. The same happened with the Zune theme created by Microsoft to celebrate the launch of their MP3 player. It seemed someone had leaked them before they had been finished properly.

Bearing that in mind, an independent designer has finished the job, presenting Royale Remixed Theme, a theme for Windows XP that fixes all the bugs in the Noir and Zune themes and adds everything they lacked.

Just bear in mind that Royale Remixed Theme is not as easy to install as it seems. If you have problems, it's probably because you need to patch a DLL file (see Notes). Also, if you want to customize the shutdown window to match the rest of the system, you'll have to modify another couple of DLL files. Fortunately, this process is very clearly explained in a TXT document included in Royale Remixed Theme's ZIP file.

Customize Windows XP with this elegant shiny black design.

This mod grew from a finishing Royale Noir project to encompass Zune bug fixing as well. If you are a fan of Microsoft's Royale, this is the only Royale theme you will ever need.

The theme now consists of 3 color schemes, Royale, Royale Noir and Royale Zune. For Royale Noir, Microsoft came 50% of the way, and I went the other 50%, a lot of work and bugfixes was done to finish the theme. For Zune, work was done to better the distasteful orange and many bugfixes implemented that Microsoft messed up.

Royale Remixed Theme


Royale Remixed Theme 1.47

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